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Mrs. Alecia Walters-Archie
Course Delivery Supervisor


Mrs. Alecia Walters-Archie is a Course Delivery Supervisor in the Programme Delivery Department, Academic Programming and Delivery Division of the Open Campus. She is a graduate of The University of the West Indies (UWI), possessing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Management Studies (Marketing) with upper second class honours and a Master of Science Degree in Computer-Based Management Information Systems.


Mrs. Walters-Archie is equipped with invaluable knowledge of the Open Campus, having previously worked, for over a decade, with The University of the West Indies Distance Education Centre (UWIDEC) - the main precursor organization that developed into The UWI Open Campus. 


Following her graduation from Dinthill Technical High School, in 2001, she began her UWI career as Assistant to the UWIDEC Academic Programme Delivery Coordinator. During the next six (6) years, she acquired in-depth knowledge of delivery of academic and non-academic distance education programmes to students/participants spread across the seventeen (17) countries of The UWI, assisted in planning and delivering training to distance education Faculty and students and, in particular, developed and honed her skills in providing both face-to-face and on-line Support Services for both distance students and distance educators. 


As part of her training and to better understand  the varying imperatives of distance education staff with whom she works and also of the students, from the different UWI countries, this Jamaican-born distance educator has visited other UWI countries, including Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago, thereby  getting to experience some of the countries' physical differences (e.g. visiting the Pitch Lake, Emancipation Village and the Office of the Prime Minister in Trinidad), while meeting and interacting face-to-face with various  colleagues and also observing some cultural activities (e.g. Barbados Crop-over festival). During this period, she also became a UWI part-time student and achieved success in her undergraduate and post-graduate degree programmes and got married to UWI staff member, Mr. Jonathon Archie.


She is goal oriented and while she enjoys her own initiative, she is also a team builder.  She is motivated and operates under a strong work ethic and believes in producing high-quality results on a timely basis. This is evidenced by the achievement awards she has received; firstly, two Academic Achievement Certificates received in high school, then an Academic Achievement Plaque presented to her by UWIDEC after she completed her first degree. 


Mrs. Walters-Archie’s academic achievements as well as her invaluable experiences in the professional world have impacted appreciably on her personal development. She enjoys attending conferences as she believes this affords her the opportunity to showcase the UWIOC by sharing with others the excellent work of the OC. She believes conferences provide an avenue to promote dialogue, share ideas, to network and collaborate with other distance educators.


During 2005 - 2006, she was actively involved in the work of the Logistics Committee, whose Chairman and members were based in UWIDEC which, along with the Jamaican Association of Distance and Open Learning (JADOL) led a Caribbean consortium that co-hosted the Commonwealth of Learning’s (COL) Fourth Pan Commonwealth Forum on Distance and Open Learning (PCF4). The conference was held in Ocho Rios, Jamaica in 2006.  In 2011, she presented a paper at the Seventh Pan-Commonwealth Forum (PCF7) on Open Learning of the Commonwealth of Learning (COL) which was held in Abuja, Nigeria. 


Recently, she again presented a paper entitled: “Academic Support for Online Students in the English Speaking Caribbean at The University of the West Indies Open Campus” at the 2016 International Education Conference held in Orlando, Florida (picture below). This paper was voted the Best Paper by her peers in her session and she received theBest Paper Award Certificate.



Mrs. Walters-Archie is the mother of two children - Jayce (6 years) and Janae (1 1/2 years), and finds time to regularly interact with family members including her father, sisters and thier families and her in-laws. She is a baptized Christian who takes her commitment to The Lord quite seriously.