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Computing and Technology Services

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Computing & Technology Services

Mr. Tommy Chen


Profile of the CIO:

Mr. Tommy Chen is the first CIO of the Computing and Technology Services (CATS) Division of the Open Campus. The Division is responsible for managing all aspects of the technical and technological requirements of the Open Campus of the UWI throughout the English-speaking islands in the Caribbean...

Chief Information Officer

This Unit comprises the core specialist technical staff of the UWI Open Campus. They are located at one venue to manage all aspects of the regional technical and technological requirements of the Open Campus.

The Chief Information Officer manages five specialists who design, develop and maintain systems infrastructure and applications software to enable access to academic programming and business applications.

This division works through links with the offices of the Principal, the Director of Programming, and the other Directors to provide the services required by the sectors within the Open Campus.

CATS maintains links with the IT Coordinators in all the Open Campus sites across the region with the assistance and support of a CATS Coordinator located in the Northern Caribbean.

The goal of the Helpdesk is to provide 24/7 support and as the Open Campus grows, 24/7 support should be achieved at the commencement of the academic year 2009/2010. which will handle the queries and other problems directed to UWI Open on matters related to programme delivery.

The Help Desk section comprises a mix of experienced staff, UWI undergraduate and graduate students who will be provided with training and the opportunity for part-time employment as they pursue their undergraduate and graduate degrees.

The Assistant Registrar for Student Support will collaborate with the Help Team to provide prompt service to students.