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Open Campus Brochures

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General Brochures
Open Campus Programme Information Guide 2016-2017
Prior Learning Assessment Brochure
BSc Degree Programmes
Banking & Finance (Major)
Management Studies
Management Studies (Entrepreneurship)
Management Studies (Financial Management)
Management Studies (Human Resource Management)
Management Studies (Tourism and Hospitality Management)
Management Studies (International Management)
Management Studies (Marketing)
Youth Development Work
Social Work
Political Science
BEd Degree Programmes
Early Childhood Development and Family Studies
Educational Leadership & Management
Associate Degree Programmes
Business Management (BUMA)
Paralegal Studies (PALS)
Social Work
Youth Development Work
Health & Family Life Education Instruction
Social Work
Human Resource Management
Tourism & Hospitality Management in the Caribbean
Social Work
Continuing and Professional Education (CPE)
Certificate in Advanced Procurement Management
Certificate in Business Writing and Communication
Certificate in Creative Writing
Certificate in Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management
Certificate in Facilities Management
Cerificate in ICT Law
Certificate in Information Technology
Certificate in Managing People Effectively
Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety
Certificate in Procurement Management
Masters in Education Programmes
Adult & Continuing Education
Literacy Instruction  
Instructional Design and Technology    
Masters in Arts Prorgrammes
English Language
Post-Graduate Diplomas